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WINGverse is a series of stories I (GV/Geevius) have been writing in the past months. They've gotten rather interesting, so I decided to convert them to a Wikia.


The WING is a series of Virtual Reality sets that allow their users to immerse deeper and deeper into virtual worlds, linked together, forming the big structure known as WINGverse.

The WINGverse is like a giant universe, where every server hosts one or more "games". A server can be considered one of today's website. The chapters in my stories have had a single game each chapter, for now.

There are different WING models, from the simplest headsets, the first models from the years between 2034 and 2040 (WING 1.0 > WING 4.2) that allowed minimal immersion and were mere stereoscopical visors with the ability to read the brain impulses of the wearer, to mroe advanced models allowing for "immersion mode" (the ability to stop non-vital signals to the body, so that the user is fully immersed in the virtual world as if his/her body was actually there), like the models from WING 5.0 to WING 12.7, to the most recent technology allowing for dynamic switching between different modes (WING 13.0>14.1).

Of course there are other WING-compatible virtual reality sets, like the Roix Immersion Rooms, which are basically rooms surrounded by screens, built so that the user is actually in the virtual reality, with his/her body, and the virtual world is reproduced around him/her. Anthony Roix is the inventor. Don't worry, you won't see Immersion Rooms until the third story comes out, and trust me, that will be in a long time :P

Adding pages Edit

If you want to add pages to the wiki, feel free to. Of course I will check and see if the page is actually worth staying on the wiki, and if it actually makes sense.

Adding WINGverse stories is not allowed. The stories are written by me, and that's the only reason why I'm making a wikia where I can keep them.

Allowed things to post are, for example, fan theories (despite the fact that I still have no fans :P ) discussion pages, and similar.

Non-story WINGverse pages are allowed to be made by users other than me (including you) but I will have to check if all the facts in the page are correct, and I will edit the page in case there's something wrong. An example of a Non-story page is the one describing the different models of WING VRSets. While not being influential for the stories, they have to follow them, so they have to be right.

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