After the initial success of the WING VRSets, there have been a lot of hosts that started creating servers, which are more or less like hubs that store the "games", aka the virtual worlds of the games.

Some games gained more success, others failed miserably, but only a few were considered the legendaries.

List of WING gamesEdit

WING games, as said above, are hosted by different "servers". To join a game, you need its "link", and it can be found by just searching, or by friends... it's just like a web address. WING sets after WING 2.0 (included) have had the ability to search for the game links via internet, so users can just type the name of the game and eventually, the VRSet will find the address.

FLO Logo colors

The logo of the WING game Far Lands Online (FLO).

Here is a list of the games quoted in the WINGverse stories:

Game Address/Link Description Year Main Story
Game Masters' Castle (GMC) GMC:GMC Game Masters' Castle has been one of the first and most successful WING games ever. It stems from an old community of video game developers, and it has quickly risen in popularity since its first opening. It was considered the hardest game ever (seen in WINGverse: GMC), prior to the release of TTG. 2035 WINGverse: GMC

United World Forces (UWF)

WVR:UWF WING VRSets Inc.'s answer to the success of GMC, considered its rival since it was announced. Most people didn't like the new systems present in UWF, and the general cyberpunk theme (most WING games of the period were medieval-themed). 2036 WINGverse: GMC (quoted)
Far Lands Online (FLO) WVR:FLO Far Lands Online has been the first WING game hosted by WING VRSets Inc., the company behind the WING VRSets. It is known to be the easiest one for beginners, still providing good challenge to advanced players. FLO was closed in 2038 after a player attacked a VR Café and killed five innocent players, harming other 5. 2034

WINGverse: FLO

The Ten Giants (TTG) SDW:TTG Shadow Crew's The Ten Giants is a rather obscure game related to the others in this list. Inspired mostly by an old game for home consoles, this is considered as one of the hardest games ever, even prior to WING games. 2040 WINGverse: TTG
Tales of Arcane Arts (TAA)



Tales of Arcane Arts was a game made by Shadow Crew in 2037. It quickly reached success, and the Game Masters Community bought the game hosting rights in 2039. Since then, TAA has been one of the most played games. 2037 WINGverse: TAA